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Working Hours

Monday > Friday: 5am > 5pm
Saturday: 9am > 1pm
Sunday: Closed
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Our Approach

Our system learns from millions of historical investment “case studies” and is more consistent than conventional analysts while supporting future predictions with hard data
Our approach is based on repeatable investing process, long/short
investing experience, focus on smaller market cap companies and
machine learning expertise.
We teach the machine how to think like an experienced fundamental
investor and let it learn from the data.
  • Repeatable, scientifically driven investing process

    Our investment decisions are based on data and are rigorously tested for validity using a proprietary simulation platform.
  • Machine learning for investing

    Our investment process takes advantage of exponentially improving compute availability and latest machine learning algorithms. We automate long/short fundamental investment strategy using structured and unstructured
  • Smaller market cap focus

    Our universe includes 2500 companies in the US which are only 5% of the total market cap of the stock market. This strategy is too capacity
    constrained and labor intensive for larger funds, allowing us to operate in noncompetitive market niche.
  • Pattern recognition grounded in business reality

    We have domain expertise on the short and long side, we led activist campaigns and turnarounds. This experience gives us insights on what drives change in the intrinsic value over time.

Our Portfolio

Our main fund, Meson Capital, LP combines machine-learning with
entrepreneurial strategies and has the following portfolio composition:

Concentrated Entrepreneurial Activist Longs

We invest in up to 5 target companies where we actively engage to generate value via
board representation or acquisition of the entire company. Target companies are
positioned to benefit from exponential technology trends, lack external risks and are
currently undervalued.

Diversified Longs

We invest in smaller public companies (under $1bb market cap), with each position
exposure at 1% of our equity. We utilize our proprietary machine learning platform,
Gravity, to continuously search for subtle indications of value and catalysts, such as new
management with a good track record, trading at low EV/Sales and others.

Diversified Shorts

We mitigate the risks of shorting by keeping a diversified portfolio of approximately 200
positions at 0.5% exposure each, primarily companies under $1bb market cap. We utilize
our proprietary machine learning platform, Gravity, to synthesize data indicating that the
long-term fundamental performance of our shorts will deteriorate. This includes financial
data, personnel data, industry trends, and more. Our short book is designed to generate
absolute returns and provide substantial purchasing power during broad market declines.

Meson Gravity, LP is a highly diversified long/short market
neutral fund that is fully based on our machine learning
approach. Contact us to discuss to learn more.