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Monday > Friday: 5am > 5pm
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About Us

Meson Capital Partners, LLC combines long-term fundamental
investing experience with machine learning systems to invest in:
Targeted companies that are strategically
positioned to benefit from exponential
technology trends.
diversified long
Diversified long and short positions of
small public companies using machine
learning tools to generate absolute returns
and hedge external market risks.
Our investment objective is to target 10%+ net annual returns over a 3-5
year horizon, while being positioned for strength during events of
market decline.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the first principles, a physics way of looking at the
world: boil things down to the most fundamental truths and reason
up from there.
Thus we reference physics in the name of our company. Meson (pronounced “maze-
on”) is a particle consisting of a quark and an anti-quark. It plays an important role
in the strong nuclear force that holds the nucleus of an atom together.
We believe that investing process can be substantially improved with the scientific
method. Only by eliminating human biases and inconsistencies, one can achieve
repeatable success in investing.

Investment Strategy

We are not a typical quant fund. We adhere to a long-term investment
strategy with an average holding period of one year.
However, we believe that machine learning can substantially improve the traditional
investing process. We combine our financial and entrepreneurial expertise with the
latest machine-learning methods and fundamental financial data to identify patterns
that can predict long-term stock performance. We teach the machine how to think like
an experienced fundamental investor. We constantly refine our models and rebalance
our portfolio weekly to achieve better returns and minimize risk.

Our Differentiators

We invest in smaller public
companies where markets are less
efficient and larger funds cannot

We utilize machine learning
tools to make consistently high
quality, datadriven investment

We actively improve business
fundamentals at concentrated
positions via entrepreneurial efforts

We hedge away market exposure and
generate purchasing power during
market declines with single name

See what makes our
approach different

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