About Us

Our History

Meson Capital Partners was founded in 2009 by Ryan J. Morris, CFA. We credit Warren Buffett, whose rule #1 is “Don’t Lose Money” and Ray Kurzweil’s theories of “exponentially accelerating technology” as our biggest early influences. Our work is fueled by our mission to invest in a future where the hardest working people and best technology win.  Since our founding, we have leveraged our collective entrepreneurial experience, combined with exponential technology developments to transform businesses the globe over.

Guiding Values


The more trust we build, the faster we can move. With our customers’ trust, we can deliver value to them faster and minimize validation steps. With our colleagues’ trust, we can work more seamlessly together. With our partners’ trust, we can deliver faster with higher quality. The opposite of trust is fear, remove reasons for fear and trust will fill the void.


Value is created by teams, with each individual playing an important and interdependent role. Teamwork requires coordination enabled by fluid, precise sharing of information. We act candidly and consistently with our inner truths. Being open with information and ideas facilitates the “How” we help each other. We know “What” problems we are solving by using precise language.


We live in reality and need to always be seeking the truth as our foundation. To do new things with confidence, we need to distill the most fundamental truths and reason up from there. Looking to what others have done or what worked in the past can be helpful for inspiration, but our only reliable bedrock is drilling down to the first principles.


A company is made of people, evolving, with all the benefits and design flaws that come with being human. We hold each other to a high bar, and recognize our authentic human traits that make us who we are; our abilities, our strengths, our challenges. Compassion and relationship building are key to this, strengthening social connections that enable people to fully engage and push in a sustainable way.


We are not just seizing a temporary opportunity or aiming to beat competitors. It is fundamental that we create value in the world in a long term, sustainable way. We build and optimize for long-term mutual benefit with all our stakeholders.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the first principles, a physics way of looking at the world: boil things down to the most fundamental truths and reason up from there. That’s why we reference physics in the name of our company. Meson (pronounced “maze-on”) is a particle consisting of a quark and an anti-quark. It plays an important role in the strong nuclear force that holds the nucleus of an atom together.

We believe that the investing process can be transformed and optimized with the scientific method. Only by eliminating human biases and inconsistencies can achieve reliable repeatable success in investing.