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Our team includes experienced entrepreneurs, activist investors, board members, data scientists and software engineers. Machine learning and computing infrastructure are our core competencies. We go beyond financial industry backgrounds. We are constantly looking for creative, disciplined and data-driven team players who love hard problems. And by solving these problems together, we achieve outstanding results.

Ryan Morris

Ryan J. Morris, CFA


  • Experienced entrepreneur, long/short investor and board member: 5 public company tenures including leading three as Chairman
  • Experience as leader or board nominee in 15 activist campaigns
  • Co-Founder and Engineer of profitable software company VideoNote, LLC
  • Cornell University Engineering: OR&IE B.S. and M.Eng

Want to join the team?

We are a tight knit team of intelligent, intense, and empathetic individuals. If you are looking for a workplace that entrepreneurially transforms businesses and have a world class background in science, engineering, or investing please get in touch.