Using exponential technology &
Silicon Valley entrepreneurship to transform traditional industries

An investment firm that applies  AI, Industrial IoT, and Sustainable Energy Technology to transform businesses into industry leaders.

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Today we are in the early innings of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Exponential technologies such as Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML), the Internet of Things (IoT), and sustainable energy tech are disrupting the old ways of business. Formerly limited to the tech sector, today no businesses are safe harbored from change thanks to exponentially improving price-performance capabilities.

Exponential Technologies + Traditional Industrial Businesses

Meson Capital combines leading edge technology capabilities from Silicon Valley with the patience to understand traditional industries as exponential improvements break down old barriers.

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Machine Learning Hedge Fund

We merge the best of machine learning capabilities with deep investment domain expertise.


Private Equity

Converting industry incumbents into technology driven growth companies, from the inside-out.

Latest News

AQR, manager of $200bb+ fund is on the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek this month with an in-depth defence of their factor-driven investing approach.  It’s newsworthy because their main fund has declined 14% this year amid a rising market for its worst underperformance in its history. A lot of “value investors” believe in buying statistically “cheap” companies that have lower P/E, P/B or EV/EBITDA for example vs the market. But what...
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