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Machine Learning for Long Term Investing

Ryan Morris


AQR, manager of $200bb+ fund is on the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek this month with an in-depth defence of their factor-driven investing approach.  It’s newsworthy because their main fund has declined 14% this year amid a rising market for its worst underperformance in its history. A lot of “value investors” believe in buying statistically “cheap” companies that have lower P/E, P/B or EV/EBITDA for example vs the market. But what if the world has changed?  What if the backwards looking financial numbers are no longer as predictive as they once...
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A Dynamic View of Intrinsic Value

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How Quant Funds Work (in 1 paragraph)

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15,000% increase in value per employee: 1990 to 2017 - investing implications

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