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Public markets investing requires – by law – that all participants have the same information. Investing in public securities is an information processing problem: buy/sell which stocks and when? A unique feature of public markets is the ability to sell short or bet against companies that one believes will decline in the future. In a world of exponential change, the only certainty is that those that fail to adapt will decline and fall. Our deep business and investing experience helps us identify leading indicators of future business success or failure.

Meson Gravity Approach

Our software engineering and machine learning capabilities allow us to implement this long term investing approach in a consistent, disciplined manner with scientific rigor. We automate fundamental long/short investing, not high frequency trading. Our experience as long term fundamental investors: with activist, business building, and shorting expertise, is designed into our systems. We teach the machine how to think like an experienced fundamental investor, then it learns from the data.

  • Focused on 1-3 year holding periods of smaller public companies, the competitive domain of traditional discretionary investors.
  • Gravity platform applies fundamental investing principles more thoroughly, consistently, and scientifically.
  • Platform is designed to integrate expertise from multiple industry-expert fundamental investors.
Gravity approach

Meson Capital
“Disaster Alpha”

Protecting & even increasing investment value during broad market drawdowns is extra valuable:
  • Don’t need to sell core investment holdings at inopportune moment with potentially negative tax consequences
  • Purchasing power doubly valuable when bargains are plentiful in a down market

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